One of the most common questions asked by new member here is in regards to the differences between the DOCband and STARband. DOCbands and STARbands are by far the most common and widely available remolding helmet brands, so they tend to be the focus of many people's choices. Both bands are active bands and can very effectively treat plagiocephaly. The number one difference between the two products is the required training of the clinician in charge of your baby's treatment. This is important, as the experience of your orthotist is vital to the outcome your baby will have from banding. A helmet is only as good as the person fitting and adjusting it, and in fact can easily make a head shape worse if fit improperly. Cranial Technologies, makers of the DOCband, is unique in that they both manufacture the band and act as the treatment providers—personally and extensively training all orthotists that use their product. The are currently the only company who requires this specialized level of training and experience, which means that other helmet providers may
not follow this standard. Orthomerica, maker of the STARband, manufactures their helmet for practitioners who order them. They are not responsible for treatment care though, and unfortunately at this time do not require ordering practitioners to have any of the offered specialized training in cranial orthosis. There are practitioners out there who do treat babies without training and experience, so do your homework. Both the DOC and STARbands are excellent products and are highly effective when used by an experienced orthotist. If you are using a non DOCband product, just be aware that the training and experience is not a given, and it is up to you to find out if you are comfortable with their level of expertise. Interview your orthotist, ask about their training, get references, and see before and after pictures of babies they have personally treated. You can also search our archives or post asking for experiences of families in your area.
You can find lots of detailed information on the topic in the files and links section of our website, as well as numerous posts about it in our archives. Good luck on your road to a rounder head! 

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